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Katsumi Cosplay's Queen Ender Dragon. Photo taken by Colossal X Studios 0

Katsumi Cosplay interview

Who are you?My name is Maddie, though people may know me differently depending on how we met. (My favorite is Fry, based off of my discord name) I’m a Virginia Based cosplayer and just...

turnfree photo by julietdhotel on twitter 0

Turnfreebaby interview

Who are you?I’m Keria, but all the cool kids call me Kiki or Keeks! I’m a 23-year-old cosplayer, photographer, and twitch streamer.


Site being upgraded

Hey everyone, the site’s currently going over an overhaul.  Posts will be coming back up over the next day or two.  There is an order to it all: Interviews > Lets Read > Lets...