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Jurassic World viral marketing

In the lead up to the release of Jurassic World, there were two in-universe sites created to promote the site: and

Entry 1 (27 November 2014): Release of teaser and both websites. site counts down to....comething.
Entry 2 (27 November 2014): First dive into the Masrani site, signed up for InGen Internship
Entry 3 (28 November 2014): JW countdown is over, to reveal the in-universe site!
Entry 4 (1 January 2015): Updates to Masrani site, signed up for Veterinarian internship.
Entry 5 (10 Janurary 2015): JW site updates.  Redirection to international sites, which were behinf on updates, starts.
Entry 6 (11 January 2015): Masrani update: more money into security!
Entry 7 (30 January 2015): Short update, JW site now starts advertising the I Rex.
Entry 8 (30 January 2015): Short update from Masrani, talking about the I Rex.
Entry 9 (5 February 2015): Lots of updates to the JW site, including more on the map, and the addition of the park cams.
Entry 10 (11 February 2015): Masrani update: Masrani Security Initiative, also talks about it's leder, Vic Hoskins.
Entry 11 (14 February 2015): JW update: T-Rex info on RaptorPass
Entry 12 (25 February 2015): Masrani update: Corporate videos and more site news added.
Entry 13 (2 March 2015): JW: More info on dinos, and information on the Hammond Creation Lab.
Entry 14 (11 March 2015):  Masrani updates: Paddock Supervisor internship, and talk of a database of diseases.
Entry 15 (22 March 2015): JW: Mosasaur entry on Raptor Pass.
Entry 16 (28 March 2015): Masrani: Talk of VR tours of the island, and the possibility of more sources of DNA from....Masrani Oil.
Entry 17 (6 April 2015): Historic Hilton! Small site about the Hilton Hotel on Isla Nublar.  Possibly not down in conjunction witht he two major sites.
Entry 18 (22 April 2015): General updates.  Name change within the Masrani Global family, global trailer released, more unlocked on the JW site.
Entry 19 (25 May 2015): General updates.  Masrani say more coming for the park, more advertising for I Rex, "Ingen Tomorrow, Today" video, and the Gyrosphere entry on Raptorpass.
Entry 20 (4 June 2015): General updates.  Simon Masrani updates his blog, three more internships available, JW asks you to "Preserve your memories" with the Google photos app.
Entry 21 (12 June 2015): Barbasol can added to JW map, JW site countdown hits 0 and the site changes to show that something's going down (namely, the events of the film).
Entry 22 (15 June 2015): Unofficial tie-in Jurassic Facts released.  Learn more about the dinos that star in the JP franchise.
Entry 23 (21 August 2015): The last entry on the Jurassic World viral marketing.  So sad.
Entry 24 (1 Novembet 2015): A surprise update on the viral marketing.

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