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Mr Robot ARG

Who Is Mr Robot? is the viral marketing done for the TV show Mr Robot.

Season 1:

Entry 1 (23/3/15): I discover the site, thanks to the Unforums, see the SXSW work that was done, and generally dive into the world of Mr Robot.
Entry 2 (1/4/15): An update to bemoan the lack of updates.
Entry 3 (23/4/15): Finally, an email is recieved!  The website i updated to reveal statements about being lied to, and there's a hidden command, revealed in the email recieved.
Entry 4 (31/5/15): Posted the notes made while watching the pilot on Twitch.
Entry 5 (17/6/15): Mr Robot promises to spread the other Americans!
Entry 6 (10/7/15): Mr Robot sends out a test to find others able and willing to join fsociety.
Entry 7 (24/7/15): In a bout of generosity, Mr Robot gives you the opportunity to have 10 Seconds of Fame on Times Square.
Entry 8 (22/8/15): In the run up to the season finale, show your allegiance to fsociety,
Entry 9 (2/9/2015): Season Finale aproaches and #WeArefsoceity.
Entry 10 (31/10/2015): Wear the mask and scare the 1% on Halloween.

Season 2

Rekindle the revolution! (April 25 2016): New season, new commands, updated site.
Revolution still going. (July 15 2016): More things to view, The Man keeps it locked to the US.
First overdue update (Sept 3 2016): A mix of georestricted stuff, and viewable stuff.
Second overdue update, much like the first (March 19 2017):  Update that includes a lot of things sent earlier just under a different name.
Why I'm no longer following the ARG (May 14 2017): Nothing serious, just unable to follow it fully.
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