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Westworld ARG/viral marketing

Discover Westworld. The viral marketing for the show Westworld.

Discover Westworld. Main site for the resort itself. Includes redirect for everyone outside the US.
Delos Incorporated. The site for the (fictional) company that owns Westworld. No redirect needed.
Delos Destinations. The site for the various parks Delos runs. Home to the company Intranet No redirect needed.

Season two
Post-Superbowl updates to Delos. (5/2/18) After the SuperBowl trailer, Delos is updated with a wealth of information.
Glitched tweet and a roadshow. (23/2/18) Westworld tweets a glitched video, and a new character is revealed: Wyatt.

Between seasons
The SDCC event is over! (23/9/17) The SDCC event is over, but no-one seems to be answering Delos at Westworld.
Westworld's quiet, NYCC is coming (30/9/17) Westworld remains quiet while the show is on the road.

Season one
Visit Westworld. (3/9/16) We check out the site, price a room, and rind the type of experience we'd want.
Overdue update. (25/3/17) After that finale, a message is sent out by someone we've not seen for a while.
They're on the road!. (3/9/17) Aedan apologies, someone wants help, and check out the 10 day guide!

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