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11/07/18: Last WW Season 2 post: Last post of season 2, and there's a surprise in Bernard's brain!

02/07/18: Final update and a wrap up: Finishing the viral marketing, and doing a brief wrap up.

24/06/18: Humpty Dumpty host: We're in the Delos mainframe, putting the poor host's mind together again

10/06/18: Lets Watch Westworld over: An update to the WestWorld Season 2 Lets Watch

01/06/18: Returning to the Westworld viral marketing.: Sites are updated, more information is released, the universe expanded further.

31/05/18: Lets Watch Westworld 2x06. : A plan is completed, other pieces move into position. A strange attractor appears

28/05/18: An overdue Fallen Kingdom update.: An update, possibly the final one, to the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom viral marketing. It's underwhelming, and somewhat disappointing. Still, you get to #AdoptADino

25/05/18: Lets Watch Westworld 2x05. : Maeve and Delores continue their plans. Bernard is there too!

21/05/18: The Lets Watch of Westworld season 2 continues!: Continuing the watch of Season 2, where we get more questions and fewer answers!

24/04/18: Let's watch WestWorld season 2!: Season 2 of the acclaimed show Westworld begins! As the hosts rebel, we can theorycraft in the safety of our own homes!

09/04/18: New article and an introduction!: We get an introduction to Zia and Frankling and an article on how Masrani Global fell. Plus, some information about the dinosaurs from Isla Sorna. #ShouldWeSaveThem

14/03/18: DPG releases two articles!: The Dinosaur Protection Group released two articles and a promotional video. #WeCanSaveThem

08/02/18: Panadonia: Interview with Panadonia, Cosplayer

07/02/18: DPG site finally!: Following the SuperBowl trailer, the Dinosaur Protection Group finally puts up their site! Plus, there's updates on the Jurassic World site too

05/02/18: Post-Superbowl update!: Following the SuperBowl trailer, Delos throws us some updates!

01/02/18: NegaOryx: Interview with Negaoryx, Twitch streamer

31/01/18: Iron Man 3 ARG retrospective : Thinking back to the brief ARG/viral marketing experience for Iron Man 3.

30/01/18: Build your Jaeger!: The Jaeger Academy now allows you to build your Jaeger and test your knowledge.

30/01/18: Minor site update: Minor updates to the site, including getting all the pages the same width.

21/12/17: First email from the DPG!: JW: Fallen Kingdom's viral marketing gets under way!

9/12/17: Join the DPG!: Start of JW: Fallen Kingdom viral marketing, with the release of the DPG site.

8/12/17: Emily Von Rose interview: Interview with Emily Von Rose, cosplayer, streamer and Youtuber.

5/12/17: Jayka Ann interview: Interview with Jayka Ann, cosplayer and streamer.

21/11/17: Enlist in the Jaeger Academy: Sign up to the Jaeger Academy and jump into the world of Pacific Rim: Uprising!

21/10/17: Let's Read Bard Quest: Let's Read the second MSPaintAdventure, Bardquest.

13/10/17: Let's Read Jailbreak: The first Let's Read of the site! Covering the first MSPaintAdventure, Jailbreak.

30/09/17: Westworld: Westworld is still silent!

23/09/17: Westworld: No-one's answering Delos' emails!

20/09/17: Shifted from the Wordpress install to the new layout. All previous entries kept and moved to this new layout.

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